Twitter and Blog Orders

Ordering fan made goods like dolls, stickers, keychains, or other goods such as clothing from blogs in Korea is possible using KoreanBuddy’s package forwarding service.

You place the order yourself and we will receive the packages and ship it to you.

The steps are as follows:

1) Decide what you would like to order.

If you would like KoreanBuddy to make a payment in KRW please also know the total cost of your order.

2) Fill out the package forwarding request form  

You can request KoreanBuddy send a bank transfer payment in Korean won to the seller.

We need to know the i) amount to pay, ii) the receiver’s bank name, iii) account number, iv) and the receiver’s name.  

When you submit the form, we will send you a shipping address and phone number to use when placing the order.

3) Place the order with the seller

Once either you or KoreanBuddy has made the payment for the goods,  fill out the seller’s order form using KoreanBuddy’s address and phone number.  You can also ask us to send a payment to the seller on your behalf.  Note: we will make the name of the depositor your name

We will send an invoice for the amount requested.     

The KoreanBuddy fee for domestic bank transfers is 8%, minimum $4.50.

4) Wait for the delivery

KoreanBuddy will receive the packages and consolidate your order if needed.

You can also request us to take photos and check the items for damage etc when filling out the order form.

We will send you an invoice for the shipping and the package forwarding fee.  Outlined here 

Shipping rates here

5) Receive your ordered!