Terms for Items Under 3,000KRW

  1. No pictures will be taken for orders below 3000KRW of value.
    Reason: These items are typically really small and take time handling to make sure each and every item is correct.
  2. We will not be handling these items like we handle other items. We will only actually count what arrives and won’t be checked in like other items.
    Reason: Same as above.
  3. Returns/Exchanges won’t be possible.
    Reason: It costs more to replace/exchange these items. We will technically be just sending you what the seller sends us. Even if they make the error, it takes ages to get this sorted and because it costs more for them to replace it as well, they’re extra slow about it but this also means they’re fairly careful about what they ship out to us initially.
  4. KoreanBuddy will not be responsible for these purchases.
    Reason: Mentioned below

So most customers looking at the above might be thinking “Then what’s the point ordering through KoreanBuddy for these items?” and our answer is: “We are all about the transparency in the way we operate. We didn’t accept orders below 3,000KRW due to a variety of different reasons for a long time. Mainly due to it taking extra time to confirm each item, which meant it blocked other tasks from happening which in turn decreases customer satisfaction. But since a lot of frequent customers have constantly asked us to accept orders below this value, we have now started accepting such orders under the above terms and conditions.

Please feel free to ask us questions about this and only pay for the invoice if you’re okay with the above terms and conditions!