Melon Music Awards 2019 Nov 30th – Seating chart added

The 2019 Melon Music Awards “Full of Surprises” are on November 30th, 8pm at Seoul’s Gocheok Stadium.  Tickets go on sale on Melon Ticket Oct 31st (early gold members) and Nov 4th to the public.

KoreanBuddy can help find and purchase tickets to this show for you.  

NOTE** Standing tickets cannot be purchased due to ID checks on the day of the show. Only the seated tickets are able to be used. 

Ticket Request method:


1) Please let us know your maximum budget, and preferred date and seating preference.

2) Find your desired ticket on Ticketbay (optional)

3) Send us the ticket link, or let us know if you have any additional questions 🙂 This guide will help you find tickets on TicketBay too!

Since we receive a large number of orders, please understand that we give priority to customers who are ready to proceed 🙂

Send your requests through our ticket request form here. We will be watching closely for any concert announcements! KoreanBuddy


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