EXO November 24/25/26 Update: KoreanBuddy cannot assist with this Concert Sorry!!

EXO and SM have just confirmed the 3 dates.  We will update this post as we receive the information so check back please.

Tickets for these 3 concerts will likely be on sale starting late September/ early October.  If you would like tickets please send your requests through our ticket request form here.

As we will are receiving many requests for these tickets we will be helping to find tickets on the website ticketbay.co.kr  We will be posting all updates including seating chart, ticket deliver and ticket pick up dates on this page so please check back.

To save our time and yours, I’d like to mention the steps so we can help you better.

1) Please let us know your maximum budget, and preferred concert date and seating preference (e.g. closest seats, cheapest seats etc.). Also let us know the email address you will use to make a deposit.  Please do not send a deposit until after the ticket information has been released.

2) (AFTER THE TICKET INFO IS RELEASE) Please send us deposit money in terms of your maximum budget through paypal (heychoe@gmail.com). Paypal gives customer protection to every customer, so you won’t have to worry about getting your money back if anything happens.  You can also request a refund at any time before we purchase the tickets.  We guarantee you will receive tickets or 100% of your money back.

3) Find your desired ticket on Ticketbay after the listings have been posted after the sale. Or we can find tickets for you based on your preferences and budget, there is no cost difference either way.

4) Send us the ticket link, or let us know if you have any additional questions 🙂  This guide will help you find tickets on TicketBay too!

Send your requests through our ticket request form here.