BTS World Tour 2018 Aug 25th/26th Seoul

*Updates: Ticket Collection*

Current Prices:    3rd Floor : 350,000KRW+ 2nd Floor: 500,000KRW
1st Floor : 600,000KRW+    Ground : 800,000KRW+

Ticket Collection  

We are expecting to receive tickets between August 6th-10th. KoreanBuddy can send tickets anywhere in Korea for free or you can pick them up from us directly in Seoul up until August 24th. We recommend arriving in Korea on the 24th at the latest as picking up tickets on the 25th will not be possible.  If there is time we can also ship tickets to your home country/address via EMS which takes up to 4 business days.

Deposits accepted from June 25th 10am KST.  This is 9pm EST.  The deposit address over Paypal is   You may request a payment request over Paypal any time and make sure to tell us the currency you would like to use.

The announcement has finally been made! BTS first stop on their 2018 World Tour will be Seoul’s Olympic stadium on August 25th and 26th.

Link to the listings on TicketBay

*Note: all tickets are seated, no standing sections

The ticket sales dates are June 28th for fan club members and July 2nd for general sales.  KoreanBuddy will continue to help buying tickets up until August 21st.   You can then request that KoreanBuddy send you a payment request for a specific amount over Paypal to make the deposit process easier.  Please specify the currency. Please don’t make the deposit until after the deposit time opens. (June 25th 10am KST) The order of deposits received will establish the order in which we help people get tickets.

Please follow these steps to request tickets:

        1. Deposit over Paypal to (after June 25th 10am KST)

The deposit should be your maximum budget for the tickets + KoreanBuddy fee (20%). We will refund all money not used to purchase the tickets. The deposit date is from  You can request that KoreanBuddy send you a payment request for a specific amount over Paypal to make the deposit process easier. Please specify the currency you would like to use.

        2. Submit a ticket request form

After making a deposit please fill out the ticket request form  Let us know your maximum budget, and preferred concert date and seating preference (e.g. closest seats, cheapest seats etc.). Also let us know the email address you used to make a deposit.

        3. (optional) Find your ticket on Ticketbay Here

Tickets on ticketbay also sell out quickly, especially at first.  Instead of submitting a specific link please let us know the sections you would like sit.  We can find tickets for you based on your ticket order form, there is no cost difference either way.  For Example. Budget $200, any ticket 4th floor.  Or Budget $450 and 1st or second floor ticket.  Or Budget $700, ground ticket first 30 rows.  Those kinds of requests will be successful much quicker than sending in links.


Let us know if you have any additional questions 🙂  This guide will help you find tickets on TicketBay too!

For an idea of the prices and seating chart please see this link for the details of the past BTS concert.