Big Bang Concert 2017 UPDATED* Jan 6th and 7th pick up locations

Where and when can I pick up tickets?

Tickets are being sent out on December 20th. KoreanBuddy is going to have 2 last minute pick up times on Jan 6th (all day) at our office at Jonggak station, line 1, exit 6 in the Seoul Global Centre floor 6 and Jan 7th at the Starbucks just out from exit 1 at Dangsan station subway line 2 from 12pm-3pm.  If you are staying Korea, send us your address and we can send you tickets.  If you would like to pick up the tickets on a different day and time send us a message.

KoreanBuddy can help you get these on the resale market because they will sell out instantly.

Announcement for Big Bang concert in January 2017, the 7th at 6pm and the 8th at 5pm.

These concerts only come around once or twice a year, don’t miss out!

I’ll give my best effort to get your tickets 🙂

To save our time and yours, I’d like to mention the steps so we can help you better.

1) Please let us know your maximum budget, and preferred concert date and seating preference.

2) Please send us deposit money in terms of your maximum budget through paypal ( Paypal gives customer protection to every customer, so you won’t have to worry about getting your money back if anything happens.

3) Find your desired ticket link here!!

4) Send us the ticket link, or let us know if you have any additional questions 🙂  This guide will help you find tickets on TicketBay too!

Since we’ve received huge number of orders lately, please understand that we’ll have to give our priority to customer who are ready to proceed 🙂

Send your requests in on our form here.

How do I receive the tickets I’ve purchased?

Once we receive the tickets, we will arrange to send them to you either in your home country by EMS if there is time, after you arrive in Korea for free, or you have the option to pick them up at our office in Seoul.


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