Shipping rates from Korea 2020

KoreanBuddy shops for you on any website in Korea. We remove the frustration and impossibility of shopping in Korea and ship items to your door.  See the recommended shops by category here. Shipping rates from Korea 2020.

*Mists and spray bottles along with products which contain batteries cannot be sent via EMS and airmail, only via ship.  We can pour the contents of a mist into a non-spray bottle and send the regular bottle with the original spray bottle empty.

Rates may be slightly different. Link to the EMS shipping calculator  *Choose ‘others’ not documents

EMS (2-4 weeks during the pandemic)

EMS takes 2-4 weeks during the pandemic and can ship to 102 countries around the world.  You can track the delivery from door to door.  We ship EMS packages Tuesday and Fridays. Rates in USD.  Link to the EMS shipping calculator  *Choose ‘others’ not documents

Surface mail (8-12 weeks)

The cheapest but slowest option available. If you are shipping mist/ spray products this is the only option.  Takes between 1 and 2 months for delivery. (Not available to Mexico).  Rates at the bottom of this page.

 LBC Express to Philippines

Door to door shipping to the Philippines. Air cargo takes approx. 10 days and delivered to door.  We can also ship the odd box size by sea cargo which takes around 1 month to arrive.  If the post office doesn’t deliver to your address we recommend choosing LBC Express or DHL  

DHL (2-5 Days) – Up to 10 days to Australia/New Zealand

DHL service now available. On demand delivery app options available with the app as well. We now  ship DHL everyday.  Cut off time for having your package sent is 2pm.

Registered Regular Mail (2-4 weeks, up to 2Kg only) Temporary not available due to Covid-19

Regular mail takes 2-3 weeks.  Registered parcel.  Rates in USD.  *Note: these prices include a ~$2.35 charge for registering the packages so in the chance a package goes missing it can be found. The process of tracking down the package is slow taking 1-2 months and not always successful.

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Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan South East Asia, Mongolia North America, Europe, Middle East, Oceania Africa, South America
up to 2Kg $14.75 $16.19 $17.61 $19.00
4Kg $1905 $20.47 $23.32 $26.15
6Kg $23.32 $24.75 $29.00 $33.80
8Kg $27.61 $29.05 $35.22 $40.90
10Kg $32.37 $33.80 $40.93 $48.05
12Kg $36.65 $38.08 $46.64 $55.68
14Kg $40.94 $42.37 $52.82 $62.82
16Kg $45.23 $46.65 $58.53 $70.45
18Kg $49.90 $51.40 $64.24 $77.55
20Kg $54.25 $55.70 $70.43 $84.70