Package Forwarding Korea (Temporarily Closed)

Buy Products from Korea and Ship Worldwide

Using your own Korean address you can order from any online shops in Korea. Now you can receive products that are not available in your country and normally do not ship from Korea. KoreanBuddy will receive and ship the package worldwide.

We will notify you once your package has arrived.  We ship to any country using DHL EMS, regular mail or surface options. See shipping details.  Note – Package forwarding and regular shopping orders are not able to be combined. They must be shipped seperately.

KoreanBuddy can also send domestic bank transfers on your behalf.
For more details, please see the Package Forwarding Service section of the FAQ here.

Fill out the request form by clicking the button below to get our address information.

Service Rates

Standard Service Fee $10 (1 box)/ Shipment

Standard Service Includes the following:

  • Receiving – Receive your package.
  • Registration – Register your package in our system.
  • Notification – Send you a notification email when your package is registered.
  • Storage – Keep your item secure until it is shipped. (Free up to 30 days)
  • Packing – Repackage your item to prevent damage during international transportation.
  • Shipping Request – Make arrangements to ship your package.

Additional boxes $5 each (consolidation)

Receiving and combining multiple boxes into a single box for shipping


We will inspect products and boxes to make sure nothing is broken and repack items safely and securely in appropriate boxes. We do not offer photos of forwarded products.

Note on Storage

We have limited storage space so we prefer to ship boxes as quickly as possible, however if the delivery dates of items are different, we can hold items until all have been received at our address.

*boxes left unclaimed after 60 days will be discarded

Returns $10 / package

Domestic Bank Transfers 8% minimum $4.50

Returning package to sender and providing needed support

KoreanBuddy will make domestic bank transfers in KRW on your behalf