Expedited Membership

The membership service is currently ongoing and we are accepting new members for April 1st.  To sign up simply send us a message.

We would love to hear feedback about the service and appreciate any suggestions for improvement. If you would like to receive orders faster and also help us improve this service this membership is for you.

Membership Benefits

Members will be given priority treatment which will result getting your hands on your order faster than our regular service.

1) Real-time customer service
We will offer real-time customer service for faster response times during office hours. (8:30am-5pm KST)

2) Priority Invoicing
Orders are processed as soon as they are received or first thing the next business day for order requests received outside of business hours

3) Priority Shopping Assistance
As soon as you make payment, we will shop for the goods immediately, or first thing the next business day for payments received outside of business hours.

4) Detailed Order updates
We will update you on an ongoing basis as we receive your items.  For larger orders this will mean daily updates with a list of items received.
*You can choose to opt out of this service if you do not require daily updates.

5) Priority processing
Once your order is complete, the photos and shipping invoice will be sent immediately.

6) Package Forwarding Privileges
Members are allowed to order themselves and use KoreanBuddy’s address to send packages to for package forwarding.


Memberships service is offered for a 3 month period at $15 per month. Total $45.

To join please send us a message