Answers to your Questions

*We do not handle orders from re-sale markets, social media or any private sellers

What are the fees KoreanBuddy Charges?

KoreanBuddy charges a commission on orders based on the total cost of the items in an order, 12% minimum $12USD.     The KoreanBuddy fee is charged on the product invoice and only shipping is charged on the final invoice. *We charge +6% exchange rate to cover some of the fees charged by Paypal. 

  • 12% – Products you provide links for (minimum $12)
    • The minimum commission fee is $12.00USD 
    • Invoices totaling $100 or less are charged the minimum fee
    • Returning items is $10 per item★Note for exchange/return: clothing and goods have a 5 days return policy from the date we ordered.

Combined Orders

KoreanBuddy fee is calculated independently for each invoice in an order.  The first invoice is 12% minimum $12 and each additional invoice is exactly the same.  It is most cost efficient to submit your entire order in one request because each additional invoice we create is subject to the minimum KoreanBuddy fee.  If you need to add or adjust an order, please do so before making payment on the first invoice.

How does Shipping Work and How much does it Cost?

During the pandemic we can use 3 basic choices for shipping; DHL, EMS, surface mail (select countries only).  DHL takes 2-5 business days, EMS will take between 2 and 4 weeks, surface mail takes 2 -3 months. 

Checkout the shipping rates.

  • Request to ship to an additional shipping address – $5 per address
  • Request to ship on additional dates – $5 per day
*We have limited storage space so any orders that have not been paid for 2 months after the shipping invoice was sent will be considered abandoned.

*Refund note: If you order 1 product and then change your mind after we have ordered it, we will refund your payment minus the minimum KoreanBuddy fee of $12.

Note on low value items (stickers)

Because of continued requests for items under 3,000KRW we will again accept items valued under 3,000KRW.  We will be treating them differently than other items in the following ways: Items under 3,000KRW are not able to be returned or exchanged mainly because the basic return/exchange cost is 5,000KRW.

We will also not be counting the quantities in great detail.  For example: an order of 5 green, 6 red, 13 pink, 2 purple will be counted as 26 total and we won’t focus so much on the colour.

*What Payment Methods are Accepted?

Paypal accepts all major credit cards and bank cards.  KoreanBuddy accepts the currencies listed below through Paypal. The currency is chosen when you place your order. Bitcoin, Litecoin and other cyrpto currencies are accepted as well as domestic bank transfers here in Korea. If you pay with Bitcoin you will get a 50% discount on the KoreanBuddy fee on every order 🙂

Why do I have to Pay 2 Separate Invoices?

Because shipping rates depend on the box size and weight, and sometimes it isn’t possible for us to estimate the weight exactly before I have my hands the item.  For that reason, we can quote an estimated shipping rate up front and must use a 2 invoice system so we don’t over or under charge you for shipping.

*When the item(s) weight is clearly known we will make an effort to use a 1 invoice process where we add the shipping and fee all together on 1 invoice.

Why are you charging an extra 6% on the exchange rate?

This extra 6% is to cover some of the high costs of using Paypal.  We use the exchange rate from Paypal +6%. If you would like to avoid these fees and save 50% on the KoreanBuddy fee on our order* please consider using bitcoin.

How do I Pay in Bitcoin?

Customers paying in Bitcoin will always receive a discount on the KoreanBuddy fee* because we love Bitcoin! And accepting credit card payments is very expensive.  You will need a bitcoin wallet and some Bitcoin first.  Learn more Here.


What Shipping Methods are Available?

KoreanBuddy uses DHL and Korea Post EMS, we ship both domestically (in Korea) and internationally.  We send all packages marked as gifts.  Find all the shipping rates here. EMS services 102 countries that parcels can reach in 3-5 business days (as stated by the postal service and not guaranteed by KoreanBuddy.)  EMS shipments include a tracking number so you can see the shipment progress each step of the way.  Track packages here.

Can I Confirm you Purchased the Correct Items before you Send Them?

Yes! We will use the URL you provide in the order form to purchase the items.  If you do not have a URL,  We will find the item and share the URL with you.  Prices for each item will be listed on invoice #1.  Once  we’ve received the items, we’ll take pictures of all of them and share them with you so you can once more confirm we’ve got exactly what you’ve ordered.

Will I have to pay custom taxes in my own country?

The rules regarding taxes are different in each country.  Packages above a certain value may be taxed.  Please check with customs in your country to find out if there will be any duties levied on the products you purchase.  KoreanBuddy is not responsible for any taxes that may be charged by you countries Customs. 

How Long will it Take to get My Package?

Between 2-30 days.  We respond as fast as we can to newly submitted orders. Sometimes that means 10 minutes and sometimes it means 48 hours.  We ship with DHL every weekday and via EMS Fridays only, so once you pay the shipping costs we will ship your items the next business day.  Depending on whether you choose regular post, DHL or EMS it could be 2-30 days later that the shipment is at your door.

*We have limited storage space so any orders that have not been paid for 2 months after the shipping invoice was sent will be considered abandoned.

How Do I Track My Order?

EMS – To track orders sent via EMS follow this link. Tracking numbers have the format EBXXXXXXXXXKR.

DHL – once the package has been shipped, you will receive an email update with the tracking number directly from DHL.  Tracking is available from the DHL website. 

EMS Rates for Common Shipping Destinations and Weights

During the pandemic EMS takes 2-4 weeks to ship to 102 countries around the world, but can take longer in some instances.  You can track the delivery from door to door.  Rates in USD.  For heavier items check the links above.

*Mists and spray bottles along with products which contain batteries cannot be sent via EMS, only by DHL.

Shipping to multiple addresses – $5 fee 

Additional recipient – $5

Additional shipping date request – $5

You can request your order be split up and shipped to more than one destination or request parts of the order be shipped out on different days. Each additional address and additional shipping date request will be $5 per box.

Example #1 – you request an order be split between 3 different receiver’s there will be a 2 x $5 fee.  The first address is covered by the basic KoreanBuddy fee and each of the 2 additional addresses will be $5.
Example #2 – You request half of your order be sent out today and the other half of the order be sent next week. That would be $5 extra for the additional shipment date.

Large orders that require multiple boxes all going to the same address are not charge any additional fee.

How do I place an Order?

Copy the links / URL of the items you would like and paste them in our order form here we will do the rest.

Note on low value items (stickers)

The minimum item value we accept is 3,000KRW due to the disproportionately high amount of time it takes to handle low value items.

Do I Need an Account to Place an Order?

No. To get started fill out the product order form here.

What Happens if my Items are Lost in the Mail?

KoreanBuddy cannot be responsible for items lost in the mail. To date only 1 box has been lost so the chances of this happening are far less than 0.1%  If you have a high value item or are worried about the item being lost I recommend choosing the DHL or EMS option so the package can be tracked with a tracking number.

Termination of Orders After 2 Months

Orders will be considered terminated after 2 months with no contact from shopper from when the shipping invoice is issued. This is because we have limited storage space.

What Happens if an Item has Gone Up in Price or Out of Stock since I Ordered it?

If the item has gone up in price before you have paid invoice 1 you can decide whether you still want to order it or not.  If the price increase is under less than 5% or $5 then we will simply charge the difference on invoice 2.  If the item price has gone up more than 5% or $5 I’ll contact you and ask if you want to continue with the order or return the product within the usual 7 day return window. 

If the item has gone out of stock before you have paid invoice 1 I’ll let you know and give you an alternative option if there is one.  If you have already paid invoice 1 I’ll refund you the difference on invoice 2.  Or refund the full amount if the order is only this 1 item.

How Do I Cancel or Change My Order?

To cancel your order before I’ve ordered your items, simply send me a message through the chat on our website.  After I’ve ordered your items we have to follow the return policies of the companies we’ve purchased the items from.  I’ll handle all communications for returns or changes so you don’t have to worry.  Returning a product is subject to a $10 fee. To add a product to your order, simply submit another order through the order forms here and be sure to write me a note that it is an addition to an existing order.

Can I Return a Product?

KoreanBuddy follows the selling companies return policies. 

★Note for exchange/return: clothing and goods have a 5 days return policy from the date we ordered.

 Please let us know quickly if you would like to return/exchange a product. Once a product is shipped internationally it cannot be returned.

Cost of returning items is $10 per item plus the return shipping cost.

*Refund note: If you order 1 product and then change your mind after we have ordered it, we will refund your payment minus the minimum KoreanBuddy fee of $12.

KoreanBuddy Referral Codes

If you refer someone to our service they get $5 off their first order and you also get $5 off your next order.  You each get a $5 discount. As the referrer, we will notify you when your code is used. It can be used by multiple people.

How do I get a referral code?

Your email address acts as a referral code for 3 months after completing your most recent order.  You can also message us and create a custom referral code (8-16 characters, no spaces). You can refer shoppers to KoreanBuddy anytime within 3 months of completing your most recent order.  You can post your code online to collect multiple referral discount credits. And if you have referred more than one person you can use all the referral credits at the same time to sale $10, $15, $20 etc.  Custom referral codes need to be updated after 3 months.

How do I use my referral code and when do I see the discount?

Referral codes can be used by first time customers only.  Enter the referral code in the promo code space on the order form when you place an order. We will confirm that the code is valid and you will see it on the first invoice where the KoreanBuddy fee is charged. You can only use a referral code once.  The discount is $5.00 off the KoreanBuddy fee.

Notes on promo codes

Referral codes and discount codes are valid for 3 months.

Limit 1 discount/promo code per order.

Discounts are currently not offered on domestic bank transfer services.

KoreanBuddy Review Discounts

After completing an order with KoreanBuddy we would love if you left us a review!  You can do this on social media, reddit or elsewhere online. We just ask that you write a true review, i.e. a photo with no text doesn’t count as a review, and hashtag #KoreanBuddy  As a thanks, we will credit you $6 off your next order.

Enter the link to the review in the promo code section of the order request when submit your next order or send us a screenshot in a message and we will credit you $6 off your next order.

Discounts for reviews can be used within 3 months of completing your most recent order.

Where do I get KoreanBuddy promo codes

Promo codes are normally given out in our newsletter updates to all shoppers or posted on social media. @KoreanBuddy
As a first time customer you can get a referral code from anyone who has used KoreanBuddy in the past 3 months.  

I Need to Make a Domestic Payment in KRW

KoreanBuddy can make domestic bank transfers in KRW on your behalf.  Send us the receiver’s banking information, the amount and the purpose of the payment.

The KoreanBuddy fee for domestic transfers is 8% of the transfer value minimum $4.50USD.  This is calculated PER TRANSFER.

Any unanswered questions? Contact US