Expedited Service *beta

If you need something from Korea ASAP or there is a short term sale on the products you wish to buy, our expedited service is for you.

This service is in beta and we are only accepting orders of up to 12 items.

Benefits of and Expedited order

1) Priority Invoicing
Orders are processed as soon as they are received (within 90 minutes) or first thing the next business day for order received outside of business hours.

2) Priority Shopping Assistance
As soon as you make payment, we will shop for the goods immediately, or first thing the next business day for payments received outside of business hours.

These priorities can shorten the ordering process by more than 2 business days.

Expedited Order Restrictions

1 . Only DHL shipping is available with the order.

2. There are no additions allow to the order. Once the first product invoice is paid, the order is closed and additional invoices cannot be added. This order will be completed and shipped ASAP.

Additions and editing is allow before the first invoice is paid. If items are sold out, you will be given the choice to purchase something different or have the item refunded. If you choose to purchase another product, that purchase will be given priority and we will do the shopping immediately.

3) An expedited order cannot be converted to a regular order.  For regular orders, or if you wish to combine orders, please use our regular shopping service.


The KoreanBuddy fee for the Expedited Service is 20%, minimum $18USD.  If the products total value is under $90 the fee is $18 and if the product’s total value is over $90 the fee is 20%.

TIP: Be ready to make payment on the invoice when you submit the order request.