Tickets – How to Understand Ticket Bay Listings; Kpop and other

I am constantly getting questions about tickets for sale on Ticket Bay ( so I decided to create this guide to help everyone out.  I’ll still be here to answer questions if you need, that’s what KoreanBuddy is for.  If you would like to order a ticket simple copy the URL and paste it into the order form on my site. I will take care of the rest.  You can have the ticket sent to you or pick it up in Seoul while you are here^^  For more general information about tickets and events in Korea check out the How to Buy Tickets in Korea guide.

Key words
첫콘 – first concert date (if more than 1 date)     중콘 – middle concert date (if more than 2 dates)     막콘 – final concert date (if more than 1 date)
1층 – first floor      2층 – second floor
석/자리 – seat         연석 – seats are together
열 – row                  구역 – area/zone
1장 – 1 ticket           2장 – 2 tickets
서울 – Seoul            부산 – Busan       금 – Friday      토 – Saturday       일 – Sunday or Day

Ticket bay pics.004

Tip #1 – sellers with higher ratings are usually better.  The ratings are new, silver, gold, Vip and VVIP

Tip#2 – the blue box in the delivery method column means delivery, the orange box means meet face to face to pick up the ticket.  Do not choose tickets that only have an orange box because these sellers usually want to meet and then negotiate a new price which is quite annoying.

Ticket bay pics.005

Using the key words at the top of this guide I have translated these example listings. Let’s take a look at a couple listing now.Ticket bay pics.001This is an example of a great listing.  The seller has included the seating chart and location so you can see exactly where the seat is located.  The delivery option is the blue box which is good.  This listing is for 2 tickets but we can just buy 1 of them if we want.  2 tickets here would be 290,000 won.  When order a ticket from KoreanBuddy simple cut and past the web link into the order form on my site.  If we use the key words at the top of the guide we can read this listing as Taeyeon – Busan, last concert, August 7th, second floor, middle section I area, seats together

Ticket bay pics.003

Here is an example of an ok listing.  We read this listing as Tiffany on he 12th, first floor section G

Ticket bay pics.002

Here is another ok listing.  It’s for 2 tickets and there is no options to purchase just 1 ticket.  2 tickets are 800,000 won total.  We read this listing as Taeyeon – Seoul, first concert, second floor, 7th row, seats together.

Ticket order


Here is what the order form should look like.













If you have any questions about this guide or other just send me a message through