BTS World Tour 2018 Aug 25th/26th Seoul

*Updates will follow here*

The announcement has finally been made! BTS first stop on their 2018 World Tour will be Seoul’s Olympic stadium on August 25th and 26th.

KoreanBuddy will again be helping everyone get tickets to the shows.

Once the ticket sale dates are released we will announce the date and time from which we will accept deposits.  This will be a week or so before the ticket sale begins.  The order of deposits received will establish the order in which we help people get tickets.

Please follow these steps to request tickets:

        1. Deposit over Paypal (after the deposit date)

The deposit should be your maximum budget for the tickets. We will refund all money not used to purchase the tickets. The deposit date will be posted here after the ticket sale date is announced.

        2. Submit a ticket request form

After making a deposit please fill out the ticket request form  Let us know your maximum budget, and preferred concert date and seating preference (e.g. closest seats, cheapest seats etc.). Also let us know the email address you used to make a deposit.

        3. (optional) Find your ticket on Ticketbay 

Send us a link to the ticket you want. Or we can find tickets for you based on your ticket order form, there is no cost difference either way.


Let us know if you have any additional questions 🙂  This guide will help you find tickets on TicketBay too!

For an idea of the prices and seating chart please see this link for the details of the past BTS concert.