Answers to your Questions


What are the fees KoreanBuddy Charges?

KoreanBuddy charges a commission on orders based on the total cost of the items in an order.  Based on how much work I have to do I have 2 different fees.  If you  provide me the URL for the item, the fee is 10%If you don’t have the URL and need me to do a product search or if the item can only be purchased in-store, the fee is 20%. The minimum commission fee is $9.00USD.

Commission rates are based on each item so if you order 3 items and have the url for 2 items and not for 1 then 2 items will be charged 10% commission and 1 item will be charged 20% commission.

Example #1:
Item 1 $69 URL = yes
Item 2 $35 URL = no
Item 3 $30URL =yes quantity = 3
Commission =
Item 1 10% – $6.90
Item 2 20% – $7
Item 3 x 3 10% $18.00
Total commission = $6.90+$7.00+$18.00 = $31.90

Example #2:
Item 1 $22.50 url = no
Item 2 $5.00 url = yes
Item 3 $7.95 url = no
Commission =
Item 1 20% – $5
Item 2 10% – $0.50
Item 3 20% – $1.59
Total commission = $5+$0.50+$1.59 = $7.09 – less than $9.00 minimum so total commission on this order is $9.00.

How does Shipping Work and How much does it Cost?

I offer 2 choices for shipping, express EMS and regular mail.  EMS will take between 2 and 6 days depending on which country you are from.  Regular mail will take between 7 and 21 days. Rates are based on package weight.  If your package is just over a shipping limit I will do everything I can to get your package charged at the lower rate.

First, go here and find out which zone your country falls under.  Next checkout the pricing charts here for EMS and here for regular mail.

Example order #1: Order going to Malaysia (zone 2)
too cool for school body lotion $8.50 270g url given = yes
too cool for school BB cream $9.50 85g url given = yes
too cool for school eyeliner $7.75 25g url given = yes
extra sample and packaging free 100g
Domestic shipping = $2.25

Commission on all items is 10% however the total value of the items is under $90 dollars so minimum commission of $9.00 is charged.

Total weight is 270g+85g+25g+100g = 480g

chargeable weight is 0.5Kg

Invoice #1 = total item value + domestic shipping

$25.25 + $2.25 = $27.50

Invoice #2 = KoreanBuddy fee + international shipping 0.5Kg to Malaysia (zone 2) EMS

$9.00 + 19000 won ($16.45USD) = $25.45

What Payment Methods are Accepted?

I accept all major credit cards, Bitcoin and domestic bank transfers here in Korea.  If you pay with Bitcoin you will get a discount on every order 🙂

Why do I have to Pay 2 Separate Invoices?

Because shipping rates depend on the item’s weight, and sometimes it isn’t possible for me to estimate the weight exactly before I have my hands the item.  For that reason, I can quote an estimated shipping rate up front and must use a 2 invoice system so I don’t over or under charge you for shipping.

How do I find Items I want at the Cheapest Prices?

First know that KoreanBuddy never marks up pricing on items, you are able to choose the items we buy for you and you will always know the cost.  Start by visiting our Shopping Guides for website recommendations and valuable tips and info on how to find the items you want.  If you can’t find the product online you can still place an order without a URL.  I’ll find it for you as cheap as I can.

How do I Pay in Bitcoin?

Customers paying in Bitcoin will always receive a discount on the KoreanBuddy fee because we love Bitcoin! And accepting credit card payments is very expensive.  You will need a bitcoin wallet and some Bitcoin first.  Learn more Here.



What Shipping Methods are Available?

KoreanBuddy uses Korea Express Mail Service (EMS) and regular Korea Post to ship both domestically and internationally.  EMS services 102 countries that parcels can reach in 2-4 business days.  EMS shipments include a tracking number so you can see the shipment progress each step of the way.  You can enter tracking numbers here.

Note: small packets are defined as less than 2Kg and length+width+height is less than 90cm.

Can I Confirm you Purchased the Correct Items before you Send Them?

Yes! I will use the URL you provide in the order form to purchase the items.  If you do not have a URL,  I’ll find the item and share the URL with you.  Prices for each item will be listed on invoice #1.  Once  I’ve received the items, I’ll take pictures of all of them and share them with you so you can once more confirm I’ve got exactly what you’ve ordered.

How Long will it Take to get My Package?

Ideally 5-7 days. From the time you submit your order I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to confirm item price and availability.  Once you pay for the items I’ll order the items within 24 hours.  Finally, once you pay the shipping costs I’ll ship your items the next business day.  Depending on whether you choose regular post or EMS it could be 2-15 days later the shipment is at your door.

How Do I Track My Order?

To track orders sent via EMS follow this link. Tracking numbers have the format EMXXXXXXXXXKR.

EMS Rates for Common Shipping Destinations and Weights

EMS take 2-4 days to ship to 102 countries around the world.  You can track the delivery from door to door.  Rates in USD.  For heavier items check the links above.

USA                                              South East Asia including Malaysia,
.                                                    Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines

under 0.5Kg ~ $23.80            under 0.5Kg ~ $16.50
under 0.75Kg ~ $28.10          under 0.75Kg ~ $18.25
under 1Kg ~ $32.50                 under 1Kg ~ $20.00
under 1.25Kg ~ $37.05          under 1.25Kg ~$22.50
under 1.5Kg ~ $41.65              under 1.5Kg ~$25.30

Europe and the Middle East

under 0.5Kg ~$21.90
under 0.75Kg ~$24.90
under 1Kg ~$28.10
under 1.25Kg ~$32.45
under 1.5Kg ~$36.60

Regular Mail Rates for Common Shipping Destinations and Weights

Regular mail takes 10-14 days.  No tracking.  Rates in USD.  For heavier items check the links above.

USA / Europe / Middle East       South East Asia including Malaysia,
.                                                      Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines

under 0.25Kg ~$1.65               under 0.25Kg ~$1.55
under 0.5Kg ~ $5.60              under 0.5Kg ~ $4.05
under 0.1Kg ~ $9.15               under 0.1Kg ~ $6.10
under 1.5Kg ~ $13.80             under 1.5Kg ~ $9.15
under 2Kg ~ $ 18.40               under 2Kg ~$12.25


How do I place an Order?

Currently there are two methods, the first is by entering the item information into our order forms.  The second is to send us your custom shipping list via document upload by clicking on the “send shopping list” button found on the right hand side of our website.

Do I Need an Account to Place an Order?

At this time you do not require an account to place an order with KoreanBuddy. I will however require you to provide me your name, phone number and address to send your items to you.

What Happens if my Items are Lost in the Mail?

At this time I cannot be responsible for items lost in the mail. So far it hasn’t happened yet 🙂  If you have a high value item or are worried about the item being lost I recommend choosing the EMS option so the package can be tracked with a tracking number.  After checking out how the orders go for a while I hope I can provide another solution for this situation.

What Happens if an Item has Gone Up in Price or Out of Stock since I Ordered it?

If the item has gone up in price before you have paid invoice 1 you can decide whether you still want to order it or not.  If the price increase is under less than 5% or $5 then we will simply charge the difference on invoice 2.  If the item price has gone up more than 5% or $5 I’ll contact you and ask if you want to continue with the order or return the product within the usual 7 day return window. 

If the item has gone out of stock before you have paid invoice 1 I’ll let you know and give you an alternative option if there is one.  If you have already paid invoice 1 I’ll simply refund you the difference on invoice 2.  Or refund the full amount if this item is the only one in the order.

How Do I Cancel or Change My Order?

To cancel your order before I’ve ordered your items, simply send me a message through the chat on our website.  After I’ve ordered your items we have to follow the return policies of the companies we’ve purchased the items from.  I’ll handle all communications for returns or changes so you don’t have to worry.  To add a product to your order, simply submit another order through the order forms here and be sure to write me a note that it is an addition to an existing order.

You can change your order before the order has been shipped for no extra cost.

How Can I Return a Product?

Once a product is purchased we must follow the selling companies return policies.  Many Korean companies allow returns within a 7 day window.  If we can request a return within 7 days then the item can be returned.  If you live internationally however returns are extremely difficult.  Higher value items and electronics will have standard warranties you can utilize in many cases.

Any unanswered questions? Contact US